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Create, Manage, and Deliver Events with Ease

People in a congregation listening to a service delivery

Service Delivery

  • Create weekly service presentations with just a few taps

  • Display hymns on the wall in large font so your congregation can easily join in

  • Display the same words at the same time to your remote audience

  • Build and manage a library of assets you can reuse

  • Easily add subtitles (regular and karaoke ) to videos for all to follow

  • Manage announcements submitted by your congregation and choose how to display them

Don't get caught in the drudgery of technology!

Do what you do best, take care of your congregation!

Wedding Event Planning

  • Have guests and friends send in congratulations and pictures

  • Easily turn them into presentations that can be used to display during the reception

  • Efficiently manage multi-media presentations for multiple wedding clients

Deliver the most memorable wedding experience to your clients!

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Celebrate Life

  • Take heartfelt condolences from online submissions and easily share these affections with celebrants 

  • Efficiently manage multi-media presentations for multiple celebrations of life

Deliver tastefully presented and enduring memories!

The only thing that should be working hard is your computer

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